CNYC Meeting Archive from 2014 to the Present Day

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Over the years that Chipping Norton Yacht Club has been formed, we have played host to a huge variety of guest speakers invited to give a presentation of their boating experience and experiences.

Nearly all of these talks have been brilliantly summarised by CNYC Member Roger Backhaus and form a treasured club archive.

The fascinating talks have been given after a delicious supper, by some of the top names in Boating and Yachting, as well as by some of our own members.

Above are button links of the years from 2014 to now. Click on a year to see an archived report of the talks given at our monthly meetings for that year.

Member's can remind themselves of some of those memorable presentations, stories and anecdotes we've enjoyed, while those yet to join can see just what they've been missing....