Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to join?

We accept applications from anyone interested in boats and the sea. You do not need to be a boat owner to apply for membership.

Do you accept owners of both sail and motor boats?

We have both sail and motorboat sailors as members. The club is for anyone who loves boats and the sea.

When and where do you meet?

We meet monthly on a Wednesday near the end of the month. Subject to any new  Covid Restrictions, our future meetings will be at the Blue Boar Inn, 1 Goddards Lane, Chipping Norton OX7 5NP

Do you need to be a member to attend meetings?

Yes you do but if you have any questions about the club which you want answered before applying then we will do our best to answer those questions. We encourage prospective members to attend a meeting as a guest and see for themselves.

What does membership cost?

We have two levels of membership, single and double. All membership is for a year and runs from 31st. January.
Single membership is: £55 annually
Double membership for two people sharing the same address: £83 annually

How do I apply for membership?

You can apply clicking here or by clicking the "Join" link at the top of every page. If your application is accepted you will be asked to pay your annual membership fee, either online by bank transfer or by cheque.

Can I attend the talk but skip the dinner?

The meal is an integral part of the evening but we recognize that exceptionally there will be occasions when members cannot get along for the start of the evening and under those circumstances yes they are welcome to attend just the talk.

Do you allow members to bring guests?

There may be situations when you wish to bring a guest along. There’s a £5 attendance charge per guest and individuals may only visit the club as a guest on one occasion. Members can bring along as many guests as they wish, within reason.

Can children attend meetings?

By all means, they are the members of tomorrow but bear in mind most of the monthly meetings comprise a meal followed by a speaker. This may not be seen as the perfect night out by all teenagers. To attend children must be 'family' members.

Who runs the club?

The club is run by a small committee elected by the members.

Do you run races?

No, it’s not really practical. With no moorings, no dinghy park nor stretch of water, racing is not really an option although sometimes you’ll catch members making a dash for the bar.

Do you accept overseas members?

We welcome all members no matter where they live but we do not have discounted membership fees for those who live outside the UK.